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Nadiya Jinnah ~ “Lifescapes”

Nadiya Jinnah was born in Uganda, East Africa. She has lived for many years now in the west, in London, England, and presently in New York. This blend of East and West has created what the artist describes as “a cultural battle within my soul, which I explore in my paintings.”

Nadiya Jinnah begins her creative process by exploring her inner landscape – a very personal place – and extends out to the external landscape. Her paintings are therefore called “Lifescapes”. They are always changing as they are cast and go through a series of rituals. Each painting starts on a clay surface, as a three-dimensional drawing which becomes a negative mold. The impression is then transferred into an acrylic canvas, which is painted with oil colors. This process affords her an infinite variety of textures and depths in order to capture the feeling of an organic landscape-rocky surface, heather on the fields, or an ocean floor.

Nadiya Jinnah has had numerous exhibitions worldwide including those at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair in Turkey, the Florence Biennale in Italy, the World Trade Center, in Beijing, China, Osaka Matsuzakaya Gallery, in Japan, Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy,   Gallery De Marchi, Bologna Italy, Hammond Museum in North Salem, NY, and Broadway Gallery, New York, NY. She was a featured artist in the Manhattan Arts International "Small Works" exhibition in New York, NY.

Her work is in many private, corporate and public collections including the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, AT & T Conference Center, and Heublein Inc., among others. She is the recipient of such distinguished awards as the Fellowship in Sculpture from Gloucestershire College of Art, England, Premio Ercole d’Este, Ferrara, Italy.